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When treating others there are a number of hand positions to use. Each position is held for 3 to 5 minutes, more or less, before moving to the next position. Trust your intuition. At times you might feel led to place your hands on a certain area, and in this case trust your intuition and do that. Reiki sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed. When working around private areas you hold your hands about 3 to 5 inches above the area instead of directly on the person.

When you are carrying out a Reiki session you may feel heat flowing through your hands when you get to particular areas of your client. Keep that position until your hands cool down. Be warned that this heat can be quite intense! It will never hurt though!

The hand positions that I use are shown below. Sometimes I do not ask the client to turn over for me to treat the back as they are often very relaxed by this stage and it can bring them out of this state of relaxation to ask them to turn over. The choice is yours in this matter. Reiki will flow to the part of the body that requires it wherever you place your hands.

Follow your intuition and you will not go wrong!

Before a treatment ensure that the client is laying or sitting comfortably and is warm enough. Wash your hands and put on some soft music and burn incense if you choose to.

Ask the client to remove their shoes and to close their eyes and relax. As you place your hands in the first position say to yourself “Reiki On”. This will focus your intentions to start the Reiki flow. Remember that the Reiki energy will flow through you and not from you so you should not feel drained – in fact you will be receiving a Reiki treatment whilst treating others!!!!  You may either place your hands lightly in each position or hold them a couple of centimetres over each position if the client prefers not to be touched. Holding your hands above the body can be helpful when treating someone with burns or skin diseases.  At the end of the Reiki treatment session shake your hands lightly to disconnect from the Reiki energy.

Do not ask the client to get up quickly as they may feel sleepy for a while. Offer them a glass of water and allow them to take their time standing up. Inform the client that they should drink plenty of water and will probably pass water more often as toxins leave their body. Sometimes a symptom may get worse before getting better – this is normal and is part of the healing procedure.  I recommend that a client has a course of 3 treatments over a 3 week period for maximum benefit.


REIKI Hand Positions for Treating Someone Else - back


REIKI Hand Positions for Self-Treatment

Self treatment is useful to get your energy flowing. It allows you to feel Reiki energy flowing through you as it goes to parts of your body that need it.

Simply place your hands on parts of your body, head, eyes, throat, shoulders, tummy, thighs, knees, back and wherever else you are drawn to.



Scanning is a technique that is useful to know.  It is now clear that Usui taught a scanning technique.  Scanning is placing your hands into the energy field of another to try to feel for differences in their energy field. You are basically feeling for anything different. Have the person to be scanned lay down, and start at the crown. Move the hands about 2 and 6 inches above the body. Move your hands from crown to feet and back up. It may take a few passes. Feel if it seems hot, cold, spinning, fast, slow, chaotic, etc. This is a technique that requires a great deal of practice to become proficient at. Additionally, remember not to ever diagnose anything. This is useful in finding places that may need extra attention during a healing session. (However it must be added here that since Reiki does the healing and acts for the persons highest good, that we may not be able to influence the healing in this manner with Reiki in any case.)

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